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Bosco wong myolie wu really dating

This is not news just gossip in a tabloid magazine I also don't like how the article make the guy sounds so horrible but this is all to sell the mags to the readers who are mostly women/housewives.

And even the reporters found it baffling that she responded to them calling Bosco her boyfriend. And you guessed it, Myolie Wu was mentioned several times. When they were playing, guess the phrase of "WU HUNG YEE": Bosco Wong: My... I'm actually listening to it as I type this and when she asked Bosco how he spent v-day and how he had spent it with his girlfriend, Bosco started laughing I suppose he's getting tired of lying through his teeth about not having a girlfriend when it's pretty much an open secret in the industry and the majority of the viewers already assume they are a couple. And you guessed it, Myolie Wu was mentioned several times. He held his last night at Venetian Macau Golden Entertainment Centre a few days ago and it attracted many entertainment industry artistes, including rumoured couple, Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu, Outdated rumoured couple, William Chan and Angelababy. However Bosco didn't respond to reporters and went into the venue immediately. I'm now thinking what to expect come 2012/2013... I love how Bosco is always so honest about his relationship, dropping hints, saying Myolie is best to kiss etc. So, Bosco accepted Chai Siu Yan's interview on 02/15 and said a "close one" (最亲密的人, MYOLIE) "tricked" him, so he was late! --------------- love_of_tvb thanks for posting the links for the interview. For everyone to tease Bosco about Myolie or vice versa has got to count for something. They are well excepted by the majority of the people as clearly, they're considered their official Wow, it's been AGES since I posted here!!!! King of R&B, America Singer Usher held his first Asia Concert. Ella: I should have put and arrow here and then Myolie's name. If Bosco wants to delay/put it off to 2014/2015 and then if he suggests to Myolie marriage yet it still doesn't happen, then they'll likely break-up. I think in few more years, they will announce their wedding date! Now they are filming in China together, it is good to be away from Hong Kong reporters, who are very aggressive. wow...what to say lol [color="#ff3399"]when i read this article, all i could think of was "wow! i don't like how they make the guys sound to be such low-life jerks (as with the case with the linda-raymond rumor). they never had any evidence what-so-ever that the two were dating and now they said M&B are living together? i guess reporters haven't had anything about Myolie and Bosco together so they created this story for the headline news or something lol.anyway, whoever writes up these articles need to find something better to do with their time.i refuse to believe any of these rumors until the parties involved confirms it.[/color] hu H?what is all this..never say or confirm anything..these news make it seem like it's real while the actual person didn't even confir anything..similar to the nicki and kevin thing...charmine as well..it's all the reportinng guessing.the way the wrote it....it's funny to read though.Vanessa was spotted driving Bosco’s antique car around, and Bosco had also been busily introducing her to his friends and family.During the lunar new year, Bosco took Vanessa home to visit his mum and relatives.


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